Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The "Secret" Baby

Went to a baby shower for a co-worker today at lunch, and it got me thinking about that whole “secret baby” story line that pops up in romance novels.  That’s really a misnomer– because there is no way to keep a baby a secret – unless the father is on another planet, or happens to be pretend dead.

Casey commented that in the last week her husband has made comments regarding her size, shape and mood.  Making elephant noises when she bumps into stuff, or teasing her because she can’t reach her feet.  Telling her that he hopes the baby comes by the due date so he can take a trip to Vegas….for business.  Uh huh.  When she just gave him “the look”, he suggested that maybe she could get the Dr to induce her if she goes late….  Stuff like this is not a good way to get on a hormonal woman’s good side.  She told us in confidence that he’s lucky there isn’t a pair of scissors stuck in his forehead.  I’m positive she wasn’t joking.  I suggested she kick him in the ass, but she said her foot wouldn’t reach that high, so we agreed to do it for her.  Women have to stick together in times like this.

I confess I kinda like that secret baby plot – maybe because I’ve never had kids.  It’s a lot easier to have a secret dog than it is a secret baby.

What do you think – like it or hate it??

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Outside of a book...

How important is the "outside" of a book? Do you pick up a new book based strictly on the looks of the cover? Is it the color or the photo that catches your eye first?

That's a hard one for me to answer. When I'm standing in front of a rack of romance novels, scanning the covers, most of the time its the color that catches my eye first. Any cover that is predominately purple screams at me "check me out!!"

The next thing that catches my eye are some spectacular abs... the more room they take up on the cover the better. If there happens to be a kilt below those abs, that cover gets bonus points. Of course, not too many modern men wear kilts.... unless you happen to live in Scotland or Ireland...

Once I have picked up a book, the back cover has got to have some intriguing info about the story, or the book goes immediately back on the shelf. If the back cover gets me interested, the next thing I do is check out page 90-100 inside the book. If that looks interesting, the book goes in my shopping cart. If not, back on the shelf.

What are the criteria that you use when judging a book by it's cover??

Monday, April 23, 2012

My wish for this blog

I am friends with several of my absolute favorite authors on Facebook. When I contacted them to tell them about my new book blog, they are being so supportive! I have already received offers of their books to give away - isn't that the greatest!?!

My goal is to review a book every week. It might be an older title, or it might be a brand new one. I'm going to start with books I love in hopes of turning my other book loving friends onto new authors or new genres. Maybe it will just remind them why they like a particular author.

I hope to get lots of comments and hopefully some of my author friends will drop by and chat with us! If you have any suggestions for authors or books to review - please let me know! If you like my blog, I hope you'll share the site with your book loving friends too!!

When did I become an old lady??

I really don't know when I began to feel like an old lady -- was it when I stopped wearing heels and makeup? When I stopped going dancing? When I stopped coloring my hair?

I work at a Big Ten university. Lately, everyone that comes through my door was born in the mid to late 1980s.... it makes me sad that I am now the person who could be their mother, instead of someone they would flirt with. I used to consider myself as flirtable material, now, not so much.

I read romance novels because I like to escape my everyday life, one that includes cooking, cleaning and working - none of which I do particularly well. I like to think that romance is still alive and kicking, even if I am too tired most of the time to enjoy it. I used to dream about that knight in shining armour coming along and sweeping me off my feet. I still do, but now I hope he brings his girlfriend along and that she'll clean my house!